2 mal ins Zauberland

Twice to the magic land

Toverland is located in Sevenum in the Netherlands and translated into German means: Magic Land. We coaster buddies have now visited Toverland twice. Last year, we were only able to catch a curious glimpse of the areas that were not yet open as (construction) onlookers. This year, however, we were allowed to enter and marvel at the finished areas. In this post I tell you what we experienced on our two days visiting ...

Efteling - the park for the whole family

Yes, it really is a park for the whole family! The youngest and the oldest can have fun in the Efteling theme park. To come to this judgment, 2 CoasterBuddies (Knut and I) traveled to Holland with their wives. Our women are not the kind of person who willingly go to an amusement park. But they once made an exception for us and our opinion-making.

With enjoyment through the Phantasialand

On our first day in Phantasialand, curiosity drove us from one attraction to the other. That was exciting, but also exhausting and so we drifted through the park on the 2nd day. You can also experience an amusement park in this way and discover little wonders here and there to the right and left of the path that we simply overlooked the day before. That was our 2nd day!