Coaster Summer Tour 2021

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Usually I like to do coaster tours in the off-season through amusement parks. So in May and September. Then the parks are usually not that crowded. In times of the pandemic, however, the parks were not yet allowed to open and so we are now planning a tour in the first week of June.

For us here in Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark is not considered a foreign country; we are good neighbors. And so we the northern lights from the "real north" have been allowed to enter Denmark for some time. As with many things, our Danish neighbors are much more pragmatic with many decisions. This can be seen in the many standardized regulations. The amusement parks are now also open in Denmark. So our tour goes through Jutland and we visit 4 theme parks.

I don't know 3 of the 4 parks yet:

  • Djurs summer land
  • Farup Sommerland
  • Tivoli Friheden

The 4th park is Legoland in Billund. I think that everyone from Schleswig-Holstein has visited here before. My last visit was more than a decade ago, so I'm expecting a lot of things that I don't know yet. And as a Lego fan, it's time to stop by again.

Since it is still the preseason, the parks are not yet open every day. At the current time (June 2021) Legoland is open Thursday to Monday and Djurs Sommerland is open on Wednesday in addition to the weekend. The other parks only open their doors on weekends.

The tour then results almost automatically from these opening times and the locations of the parks. We want to drive the motorhome from location to location in a relaxed manner and have always planned a travel day during the week. On these travel days, I will always undergo a corona antigen rapid test. All parks have the same regulatory requirements. And these say that you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested. The test must not be older than 72 hours. It is doable! The test chaos and the different regulations for each federal state in our home country deter us from a tour right now. We'll see during the tour whether the Danes can do better with testing. The first test date takes place on the German side before departure and is already booked. And this also applies to your first visit to the park in Denmark.

Different opening times, location, overnight accommodations and costs are really difficult to keep track of when planning. I planned this tour mainly with the Kanban tool Trello. Here you can arrange a map on a board for each step of the tour. Each map can be supplemented with an address and thus displayed on a map. I have also attached the tickets, which I booked online beforehand, to the corresponding tickets as PDF files. If the tour changes, you can quickly move the map. Trello is free in the basic version and there are apps for Android and iOS. On the PC, you can also display your boards in the browser.

On May 30th let's start the tour. I will report on the tour in this blog.

In addition, I will be direct from the parks via Instagram to report.


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