Fårup Sommerland: forest park for families

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Sometimes I wonder if I'm not expecting too much from a park. The Djurs Sommerland, which I was looking forward to, ultimately disappointed me. And neither our anticipation for Fårup Sommerland nor the weather forecast for our visit day were so positive.

But the park welcomed us with bright sunshine and cheerful employees. Everyone was smiling and joking. We were also greeted warmly everywhere. This is exactly how a day at the amusement park must begin.

And so we immediately boarded the nearest roller coaster: “Pindsvinet” (hedgehog). A Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster. The 80m track circle is traversed 3 times. The loving design makes a difference. The older lady who operates the coaster is happy with us. The good mood jumps over each other.

The wooden roller coaster “Falken” rattles heartily up and down almost one parcel further. The wooden structure built by S&S Power is 20 meters high at the highest point. A train from Gerstlauer is traveling on the rails. It can reach speeds of up to 75 km / h. These are really not numbers that in any way reflect the fun of driving this train. The thing rattles and rumbles and has endless airtime. We laugh and howl. All the passengers laugh and hoot. So much so that the Ride Op lets us ride another lap. Although the next people are already waiting for their trip. The joy is great and everyone applauds. These are exactly the things that we want to experience in an amusement park!

Our face grins and we can't get into the can anymore. The whole entourage of passengers from Falken now hikes with us on to the Vekoma Suspendet Family Coaster "Hurricanes". Our ride in the last row is also fun, but it doesn't drive us as crazy as falcons. The train also goes through 2 tunnels in which cooled fog is waiting. When it gets warmer during the day, it is definitely a welcome cooling.

And the next track is finally the first track of our tour that has inversions ready for us: “Lynet” (Blitz) is a launch coaster built by Gerstlauer. Basically the older brother of the "Curse of Novgorod". The launch brings us to 80 km / h in 2 seconds. However, the distance of 540 meters seems much longer to me. I love the Novgorod curse in HansaPark, so I also love this track here in Fårup. The inversions are a Zero G-Roll and a Heartline Roll. Both driving elements that I really appreciate. Here, too, we are allowed to drive another lap, as nobody is waiting for our row. And killsssssssssss

So that was the 99th roller coaster that I have ridden. So now it's the turn of the 100th lift: It's the Vekoma Family Boomerang “Saven” (saw). The almost 240 m long route is traversed once forwards and then backwards. We drove the same model with Raik in Phantasialand. As there, this track is perfectly integrated into the park. The route leads over a pond, which then sprays a few splashes 💦 in the face of one or the other passenger with a small fountain. Great train. I ask the ride operator to take a picture with me. The people are so relaxed here that he goes along with it right away. Thanks for that ... And at the exit I take the ride photo. You can do that from the 100th run. And here we start a conversation with the saleswoman. She is very interested in our hobby of collecting roller coasters and in return tells us a lot about the park. As I said, all of the employees are chilled out here.

Nevertheless, the park is filling up. Here, too, we notice more and more groups of young people who apparently came with a few buses. But the number of young people and families is well balanced. In addition, the girls and boys have almost all dressed up. Sometimes as devils and supermen, sometimes as SWAT agents. I've seen nuns too. And everyone was having fun.

Another Vekoma Ride is hiding in the forest as "Mine Expressen". Beautifully ingrown, the mad Roland does his laps here. We know the train from the HansaPark and also from Toverland. But we've never seen the part built like this in the forest.

The end of our coaster counting in Fårup Sommerland is the Spinnig Coaster “Flagermusen” (bats) from Reverchon. Somehow you've already seen everything. But this version turns us mightily through the lack. After the ride, we need a few minutes to get back on our feet.

Now that all 7 coasters have ridden, we move on to the repeat rides. We choose Lynet, Falcons and Hurricanes. The waiting times are limited and so there will be a few more journeys. And finally we find the time to take a tour of the park with a little train ...

As in Djurs Sommerland, the 2 water rides are very well themed and very long. You can drive here for a few minutes. Great tracks, especially for families.

For the grand finale of the day, we will also take Saven a few more times. Here, too, we can stay seated and enjoy an “extra tour”. In fact, all the passengers here (whether young or old) call out “Ekstra Tour”. And of course that is also fun for the Ride Ops. So we can stay seated. The extra trip then begins with great cheers and applause.

Conclusion: We are going to our next campsite after a wonderful and eventful day. And we laugh and we are still happy. We believe that a park with motivated and friendly staff can add to the visitor experience. The railways of Fårup Sommerland are a good mix and Falken is certainly our railroad at the heart of this tour. There are no outstanding attractions, but the overall offer is good. I would like to spend a great day here with all my friends. Filling a whole train with only coaster buddies and doing one or two extra tours.


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