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On our 2nd day in Phantasialand we wanted to devote ourselves more to the park than to the attractions, because the day before curiosity drove us from one attraction to the other. That was exciting, but also exhausting and so we wanted to start the day much more calmly after the rich breakfast buffet.

Yes, the night and the morning after our first day in the park showed us that we are no longer teenagers. The back clearly vetoed when we tried to get out of bed. But a hot shower brought us back up to operating temperature.

And then breakfast in the Bamboo restaurant:
The cool morning air blew through the large hall of the restaurant. And a smell of coffee and fried egg stimulated our appetite. While Marco was studying the menu, I had to go straight to the buffet. But Marco pointed out the possibility of having a fresh omelette prepared for me. Yep, I gladly accepted the tip. Tomatoes, green onions, and cooked ham were my choices. In my opinion there was a little salt missing, but still a freshly made omelette is better than the lump of scrambled eggs from the buffet. Otherwise there was nothing to complain about ... a wide selection of sausages and cheeses, fresh fruit and various rolls and breads were available. Everything is deliciously presented and it is always handed in later. The tip to have breakfast before 9:00 a.m. worked out perfectly. We had breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. and then the hustle and bustle actually started.

So strengthened it could go back to the park. Since the park had relatively few visitors the day before (i.e. Friday), we didn't have to use our quick passes at all. We expected significantly more visitors for this day (i.e. Saturday). And so we wanted to use our 2 quick passes in a meaningful way. Each of us of course had 2 pieces.

Our extended plan was that we wanted to drift a little and then decide, depending on the waiting time, which attraction we want to take with us. But in any case it should be the Black Mamba for Marco and for me the 2 spinning coaster Winjas Fear and Winjas Force. We wanted to leave everything else to "chance" or our mood.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Around 10 o'clock the air had a temperature of 18 ° C. But since there was no wind, the temperature felt much warmer. No wind? We the northern lights don't even know that. And so we enjoyed this wonderful morning. There was a lot going on in the “Deep Africa” area, but a waiting time of 10 minutes was shown on the entrance sign to the Black Mamba. And so we are in through the entrance! But what was that? We soon ran into the queue. We didn't even know that from the day before! So wait But amazingly, the snake is constantly on the move. If the Black Mamba is operated with 2 trains, it is a real capacity miracle. Because 7 rows of 4 people each transport 28 people per trip. It's moving fast. We measured 14 minutes of waiting time. Respect for the good information about the waiting time!

It goes on to Berlin and then to the fantasy area. Here the dragon (a person in a plush dragon costume) "Feni" opens the area at 10:00 am. This is of course a great spectacle for the children. But we are driven to Wuze Town to ride the spinning coaster. But a lot of other people had the idea. And so the queue filled up pretty quickly. From the day before, however, I knew how the division between the two tracks works. And so we were able to quickly “pass” the ignorant buddies and thus also ensured a better distribution. Marco wanted to make me feel guilty: "You pushed your way forward really nasty!" But I'm still of the opinion that I only showed people one more possibility and ultimately all buddies had to wait less?
Then we drove Winjas Force. Funnily enough, exactly as we wanted it to be: namely in the exact position we didn't drive yesterday. And again the train showed all its charm and I wanted to drive again! And that's what we did. Now it should go to Winjas Fear. Here, too, we were still missing a position. The waiting time was a little longer now, but bearable. About 20 minutes are ok on a Saturday. In conclusion to the tracks, Marco and I have the opinion that Winjas Fear is the slightly better track, if you want to make a comparison. For us the ride was a bit more intense and the car had more time to turn, which is the point of a spinning coaster. But honestly, the two tracks are only divided by nuances.

SO, now we have fulfilled our compulsory program. So the rest will be pure enjoyment. And so we want to treat ourselves to a nicely brewed coffee in the Berlin themed area.
The mug has to be big! Good coffee, good vibes and a little bit of watching the goings-on of the other visitors. It was also time to exchange ideas, especially with those who stayed at home via Threema.

After coffee, we looked at the two-story horse carousel for our little buddy and took a lot of photos. Sure, that's something special for a horse fool. But even I find it difficult to resist the urge to take a ride. But, if you, Nora, are with us, we'll rock this thing together - I promise!

Now we find a direct way back to “Deep Africa” and get a different view of the Black Mamba. And now I hear for the first time that the animal noises are moving !? Yes exactly. A bird seems to rise from a place and fly around me once. Cool! Carved wooden African statues line the path. Great art and culture that does more than justice to the theme of Africa.
And again and again I notice how angled and incomprehensible the layout of the Mamba is from the outside. We immediately feel like driving the part again. There was still 10 minutes posted at the entrance. But the queue is extremely short and we drive 2 times in the 2nd row with a waiting time of less than 5 minutes each time. Incidentally, the 2nd row is a good compromise to the first row. You can see more of the flight through the canyon and the caves. Nevertheless, the ride is extremely intense. The back is faster, yes! But you only see the train. I didn't like it that much. The Black Mamba got a very good placement in my personal ranking.

Now we come back to the "Colorado Adventure". I beg Marco to take it. And he suggests we should go in the locomotive. Oh, that was a bad idea! The locomotive apparently has a slightly longer wheelbase and as a result it drives much rougher than the wagons further back. Besides, there is nothing to hold on to. Marco and I are being pushed back and forth. We can't stop laughing, but it's not a good idea to ride this great coaster in the locomotive as an adult. Believe me!

Shaken like this, we want to enjoy the view of the “Mexico” area and the end of the white water trip “Chiapas”. This works very well with a double cheeseburger. I have seldom seen such a good organization in a fast food restaurant. You order, pay and receive a number. Then it goes on to pick up the ordered food. Several employees now coordinate the orders. And if you've only ordered one burger, it's faster than if a family placed a large order. And so my burger comes quickly, hot and fresh on the tray. For the price of 5.20 euros you can't fault anything here. Great food. But since all of the guests actually eat here on site, it might be worth considering whether you can do without cardboard and offer real dishes. The mountains of rubbish that Phantasialand delivers are certainly quite large.
In the middle of the park, the “Chiapas” flume shoots down. Actually, I want to take a few pictures of it. But what is that? Isn't there a boat coming? Is probably a disturbance. And so we sit at the foot of the train, order a nice Corona beer and enjoy the sun and scenery. Then there is a rumble and the first empty boat comes down the drop. Then the second and third. Then with an employee of the park and then the first family. Now it's time for us to board the train too. But the queue is long. Clearly after the defect, everyone wants to drive Chiapas. But after a good 30 minutes, it's our turn too. But since there are only two of us, we only ever fill up the boats. So we're driving in the back seats again. I would love to sit in the front one day.
After the trip, we make plans to come back here with our wives and Marco's children. Then we rock a whole boat with 6 people. SO!
After all the waiting, it is now time to redeem one of our two quick passes. It should be Winjas Fear. The waiting time is specified as 40 minutes. Armed with the Quickpass, we follow the signs. And you basically go through the exit into the train. Then you give your multipass (that's what we call our quick passes) to the staff and they maneuver us into the car. That was fast! Just like in the film "The 5th Element" - "Multipass" and go ...
After this great ride, we stroll through the park again and think about what to do with the last multipass. So we look for the attraction that has the longest waiting time: “RiverQuest”. We wander through the halls of the railway for a few minutes until we also find the entrance for the Quickpass holders here. The exit, of course! You should have known. We get here really quickly and share a boat with other multipass porters. And somehow the cable car doesn't seem to like multi-passes because, if we stayed dry when we rafted for the first time the day before, the entire boat was soaked in a tsunami-like shape on this trip. You don't even get that wet in the shower! Nevertheless, RiverQuest is cool rafting and should be discovered by each of you.

To dry off, we ride the Colorado Adventure again. But not in the locomotive this time. And then we spot another attraction. The "Feng Shui Palace". This is an attraction where you sit in a bench and the room begins to spin. It creates an illusion that you are being turned over your head. But that's not how it is. The pre-show is very nice and so is the ride, but it really doesn't want everything to go together. But make your own picture. The illusion is pretty cool. Try it!
And the second day in Phantasialand is drawing to a close. Of course there is still the 2nd ERT on Taron and Raik and then a nice cocktail in the heavenly inner courtyard of the Hotel Ling Bao. And on Sunday we went home by bus & train. (Of course with a delay!)

Phantasialand is a very special park! Very often I was amazed. The theming of all railways is unparalleled. With such attention to detail, there is always something to discover in the queue. The attractions themselves are all special. The journey times are often longer than in conventional trains. You will be compensated for the waiting time. The staff is remarkably friendly and always helpful. And the food is consistently of a high standard. Yes, the park really deserves the title of “Germany's best park”. And it wasn't the last time we were here. I want a boat on "Chiapas" for our group ... alone ...

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Marco Schmidt · 3. June 2018 at 21:54

You pushed your way ahead anyway ... 😉
It was a great weekend, soon again!

Timo Gerber · 3. June 2018 at 23:06

Didn't push me!
And by the way: You followed me ... 😉
We had great days and a great time despite having a cold.

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