Twice to the magic land

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Twice to the magic land

2 mal ins Zauberland
Are you worthy

Toverland is located in Sevenum in the Netherlands and translated into German means: Magic Land. We coaster buddies have now visited Toverland twice. Last year, we were only able to catch a curious glimpse of the areas that were not yet open as (construction) onlookers. This year, however, we were allowed to enter and marvel at the finished areas. In this post I tell you what we experienced on our two days visiting ...

Last year we were in Toverland on Pentecost Sunday. We enter the park through a hall. On a beautiful sunny day, however, this hall seems very dark to us. Nevertheless, we get our first coaster count in this hall, because this is where the “Toos Express” does its laps. This Vekoma Junior Coaster gets its special charm that it drives in the hall. The screaming of the kids is all the louder and more intense. We adults sit in the last car and feel a little pressed together. But what do you not do for a count!

The "Toos-Express" drives its rounds in the hall

We quickly leave the first hall to get to the second hall through an intermediate aisle. The intermediate course is themed and atmospherically illuminated like an enchanted forest. The 2nd hall looks much larger because it is not immediately visible in its entirety. We are amazed when we spot the backward drop of a whitewater run in the hall. Immediately we are on fire. The queue is still quite short, so get into the tree trunk.
Great part! Some of the waterways run in the hall. But then leaves the building for the high descent. It's really fun!

The first descent is backwards

But right after the drop we hear the typical screeching that only comes from fast roller coasters. And yes, “Troy - The Ride” stands like a monument in the adjoining part of the park to the whitewater run. A wooden coaster monster built by Great Coasters International. The approximately 1000 meter long route is driven through at up to 87 km / h. And that from the descent to the end. It's a really wild ride. We'll drive the part 10 times that day. We just can't get enough of it. We give the train the addition: "Troy - The wooden facelift", because our faces look strangely taut in the ride photos ...

The wooden frame of Troy - The Ride rises like a monument into the blue sky

The Toverland has other nice roller coasters and so it's back to the hall. Somehow you seem to get into all subject areas from here. Right next door we see the booster bikes. Another Vekoma Coaster. Here you drive on motorbikes over a 600 meter short but crisp route. Sitting here on motorbikes is a new and interesting experience for us. If you sit on the things, you pull the handlebars towards you and a handle comes from behind. Secured in this way, the train slowly drives onto the track. Then she stops. And off with a catapult launch. Great fun on the things. As a result, the queue is correspondingly long.

The motorcycles are catapulted onto the track.

But then we spot another coaster: "Dwervelwind". A spinning coaster from Mack Rides GmbH. Here 4 rotating gondolas with 4 people each drive on a fairly normal track. Because of the rotating gondolas, it is reasonably intense. But it's not as fun as the Booster Bikes or Troy. 2 trips, once in the front and once in the back must be enough However, the IMAscore soundtrack is noticeable, which can also be heard while driving. Nice melody and good sound.

In the rotating gondolas you ride in the Dwervelwind with onboard sound.

And all day long we have been curious to see how far the construction work on the new Wing-Coaster Fenix has progressed. From almost every corner of the park you can see the bright blue typical B&M rails. But from a distance, the course of the track can hardly be made out. Have you already taken test drives? Can you see something? Unfortunately not that much. Pity…

Fenix im Bau
You can't see much of the Fenix from a distance

But the park has so many other attractions to offer. Above all Maximus Blitz Bahn. A bobsleigh track manufactured by Wiegand. The ride is so-so, but the theming is awesome. In Holland, a Swiss theming is something special. You also enter the railway area through a Swiss hut. With pictures of Maximus developing his drive. Past his hearth fire and his outhouse you can see a large apparatus in which a large ball is guided through a kind of marble run. Obviously, this system is supposed to deliver "energy". You have to wait a long time, but this scenery sweetens the time. As already written: The journey is then quite nice ...

All in all, we had a lot of fun in the great Toverland.

So much fun that we went there again on the Whitsun weekend this year.
And this time the entire entrance area has moved. Or, the entrance area was completely rebuilt. On the other side of the park. Much more space for a lot more people. This shows that we still have a lot to expect from Toverland.

After the entrance we end up in a kind of lagoon. We are amazed at what has been built out of the ground here in such a short time. And then in a really high quality. The paths are not simply poured from concrete, but are partly modeled on wooden boards. Or stones loosen up the path. The buildings actually all seem to have sprung from a magical land. But we are pushed further ...

Immediately after entering the park through the new entrance, you stand in the lagoon!

We want to get our coaster count from Fenix. We walk purposefully towards the entrance of the train. But what is that? A nice and very friendly employee from Toverland explains to us that Fenix cannot drive because of the strong wind. As Northern Lights and Hansa Park goers, we of course know a strong wind. But that a train doesn't run because of that?
Very disappointed, we turn to the other attractions.

I don't know yet that Fenix doesn't even drive!

There is a new boat trip in this new park area: “Merlins Quest”. The leisurely drive, which also offers a very great cave passage with good theming, takes about 12 minutes. However, we don't want to be too happy about it, especially since the drive should certainly be even more interesting if Fenix were to drive. Because the boats pass very close to the rails of the wing coaster.

Tracks like Troy are a good consolation!

After an hour, however, the magic of Toverland caught up with us again. Dwervelwind, Troy and the Booster Bikes are great fun. We also take a close look at the lagoon. And there is something else that I really want to try. You can buy your own magic wand in Toverland, which you can use to enchant a few things. So we stroll into a shop with all sorts of magical stuff. (But turns out to be normal merch)
But there are a lot of blue oblong boxes piled high on the upper shelves. A little like you know it from Ollivander's magic shop.
I then ask the lady at the checkout if she could explain to me what the wands are all about. She just seems to have been waiting for it. Because she takes me aside, pushes a magic wand into my hand and shows me how to do magic. You have to find symbols embedded in the floor in certain places in the park. Then you have to say a suitable spell and perform a certain hand movement. And then? Yes, when you have magical abilities, something happens. I'm amazed! I'm up for things like that. I'll try it right away, because there is already one of these magical places in the shop. And it works! I light up a wall lamp. And so I buy a magic wand for 25 euros and get a map on which the magical places and the appropriate spells and movements are drawn. We chat a little with the lady who admires our coaster buddies shirts and tells us that she only rode a roller coaster like Troy when she was 62. We in turn tell her that we actually came back to Toverland because of Fenix, but that this track is unfortunately closed. And to our astonishment, she looks deep into our eyes and smiles and tells us that Fenix has been released for half an hour and is in operation. And also gives us the information that the best driving position is on the front left. OK! The magic wand is stowed in the pocket, we say goodbye to the nice saleswoman and storm towards Fenix purposefully. And indeed! She drives!!!

Through the entrance we get into the interior of the mountain, from which the train starts. Everything is very dark and sparsely lit. When you get out of the sun, it takes a little time for your eyes to get used to the darkness. Since there are few guests in the park on our visit day, we can walk through the waiting area. But always with a good deal of caution. Because such a barrier is easily overlooked in the twilight. Then we decide on the left side of the track! We are guided over the railway with another staircase and bridge. The station is wonderfully empty. And we decide on a quick first ride in the middle of the train. "So that we have our count safe" (Nothing is as bad as a lost count!)
The train comes really majestically into the station. These wing coaster trains are really huge. The phoenix is emblazoned as a model in the middle of the train. In the sunlight this shines golden ...
I'm in love!

The wing coaster train slowly rolls into the beautifully designed train station
The train and the station look wonderful!

We can finally get on board. A vest hanger from above, which is double-secured by another belt.
Then a phoenix cry later, the train slides into the dark. A sweet girl's voice sings “Come closer!” And then “There's no escape!”. A curve later we discover a moving dragon head. This spews smoke and fog and so we push the train through a wall of smoke and then arrive on the lift. This pulls us leisurely at a height of 40 meters. After the lift, the train rolls very gently towards the First Drop. The track turns to the right and so the left side comes over the rail at the first drop and off you go! With almost 90 km / h thanks to the layout which Immelmann and Zero-G Roll 3 inversions have to offer. A great helix really pushes us into our seats. And the same applies to everything: The part drives extremely smoothly. But not as sedate as the "flight of demons" in Heidepark. Great driving experience that quickly comes to an end. But we will still try out all the positions of the track.
And then the nice employee is on duty who had to explain to us in the morning why the train is not running. He recognized us immediately and told us with a wink that when roller coaster friends are in the park, everything is tried so that the train can run. And there is always time for a brief exchange with him when he checks that the hangers are securely held. "Well, you already know how to do it!" Or "What is the best position for you in the Fenix?"
This commitment, this friendliness and these happy people make Toverland a special park!

We do one more lap in a boat from "Merlins Quest" but Fenix doesn't really get in front of our photo lens. And then we want to try out my new magic wand. Yeah
Armed with a map and staff, we go on a search for the magical secrets. And secrets should stay that way. So I'm not going to reveal too much. Only that much:
If the 25 euros are too much for you, you can simply borrow the staff for 5 euros. Probably you can then keep the really nicely designed card.
We also find the magical places and mostly everything works on the second to fifth attempt. But in a magical place I don't seem to succeed at all. Is it because of the sword that is in the stone? Am I perhaps not worthy?
Suddenly a young woman speaks to us in Dutch. We mean to her that we unfortunately don't understand her and so we muddle through together in English. She is obviously a professional magician (I don't want to use the word witch) and a member of the Magistralis family who are the originators of this magical lagoon. She tells us that our failure is no wonder, as this is arguably the most difficult spell. She tries and fails like us. But after a few tries it works and I want to try again. Of course I paid close attention to their pronunciation and gestures and lo and behold, I made it too. Phew!
We chat with the magician for a while and then go our way.

Am i worthy

Encounters like this are the icing on the cake for a great day at an amusement park. I love it when you not only sprint from one attraction to the next, but can also take time for small observations. And Toverland is full of little miracles. Sometimes a stream runs right across the path. Or a toilet is modeled on a horse stable (recognizable by the horseshoe tracks that seem to lead into the building) and the straw peeks out of the cracks.
Great employees who really seem to enjoy their work look forward to interested visitors and discussions with little tips quickly ensue. We felt extremely comfortable in Toverland and recommend this park to families as well as thrill seekers. Of course there are also a few points where you want to start complaining. So I find 25 euros a bargain for a magic wand that sets a couple of dioramas in motion. Even if the ideas are consistently great, this should be expanded a lot and not just limited to the lagoon. So if I visit the park again next year and there is still something new to discover with my magic wand, then I would be really happy about it like a little child.
The other minor criticism is the darkness in the Fenix waiting area. My friend got a pretty big bruise when he ran into a barrier. A little more light would be desirable.
But that was all there was to complain about ...
We would love to come back. Most certainly!

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