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Friday evening in front of the Tivoli

Mini Coaster Tour: Copenhagen Tivoli

In May 2019 Knut and I went to Copenhagen on the spur of the moment to visit Tivolipark and Bakken. Both parks promise some rollercoasters and thus points for our coaster counts.

We quickly looked for a hostel via Aibnb and found an apartment. Friday afternoon after work we jumped into the car and hit the highway. Around 6 p.m. we got the keys for the apartment and were immediately out on the slopes in light drizzle. We wanted to take public transport from the suburbs to the city center in order to experience the Tivolipark Kobenhagen in the evening.
With google maps that shouldn't be a problem. And the Danes are also familiar with mobile payment, so we don't need Danish kroner. However, the rushing bus was so old that you could only pay with cash. Unfortunately we didn't have that. However, the bus driver had an understanding of us and “gave” us a ticket to the next S-Bahn station. What a great gesture. I love Denmark !!!
In the S-Bahn station we then took a ticket for the journey into the city center with the credit card.

When you arrived at the main train station, the way to the Tivolipark was not far: the entrance to the park is right across the street from the main entrance to the train station.
At first I was a bit scared of the long lines in front of the cash registers. But then I noticed that many of the guests were very well dressed. Dressed like that, they hardly want to get on roller coasters. And that's exactly how it turned out. That evening there was still a hip hop concert on the program. So people just want to be in front of a stage. OK then! There they don't bother us so much 😉

Admission is quite expensive at just under 12 euros, considering that you can't drive anything with it. But we have calculated that we only have 3 hours and that we cannot do any repetitions anyway. So we each bought 3 coupons of 30 crowns each. There are also 3 lanes in the park. 30 kroner is about 3.50 euros. This means that such a trip is not that expensive. "What do people actually always say when they say that Denmark should be so expensive?" - we thought to ourselves ...

The more than 100 year old wooden roller coaster "Rutschebanan" is right at the entrance. This still drives with a brakeman. The brakeman stands in the middle of the train and ensures that the train does not go too fast. SO it replaces the block brakes of modern railways.
This wooden roller coaster is the first attraction on our tour. I give the guy at the entrance 2 coupons and Knut and I go straight from the entrance to the waiting train. Get on the track that is about to start and off you go for the wild ride.
The train immediately turns left into a tunnel and is then pulled up surprisingly quickly. Then it goes back down quite quickly in many tight corners. And always up and out. A very simply designed mountain landscape passes us by. The ride is a lot of fun. We cheer and screech. That thing just rocks.

Over 100 years old: slide banan

But we don't want to stay long and move on. Because we know that the floorless coaster from B&M "Demons" is still waiting for our discovery in the park. We orient ourselves using the parking plan and find the train relatively quickly.
But just as quickly we notice that somehow no trains are rolling by. My expression is noticeably darkening.
To find the entrance, we have to look for something, because it is well hidden in the Chinese area under an "overpass". There is also a lady there who confirms our worst fears. The train is “down” and it doesn't know whether it is still running today.
I wanted to cry. No coaster buddy thinks a "lost count" is great. And when you arrive from afar, that's all the more annoying.

So we look for the third orbit and find it very quickly near demons. This little family coaster actually drives 5 laps for its 3.50 euros. That's pretty neat. Even though we're only driving this thing for our count.

5 rounds with camels

Since “Demons” will probably no longer open, we “celebrate” our last coupon for a dark ride with the little dolls from the countless fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. Well done, the ride is in the basement of the park and is quite long. Even though the story is told in Danish and we only understand a few words. But the characters and scenes are so good that we can recognize many fairy tales without comment.

Then we notice a change in the path "demons". One of the trains is now in the station. Before that, both trains were standing in front of the station. There are also operating noises ... Yeah! My step is getting faster. We go back to the ticket office of the train and there is another employee who actually tells us that the technicians are at work and that it could start again in the next half hour. 
We decide to use this time for a small snack. In the Chinese area there is a burger bar directly under the entrance to demons. There we have a good view of whether and when the train will start again. And no sooner has the burger been delivered than the technicians open the gates after a test drive. But now the roll has to be eaten quickly so that we can get on the train even faster.

But we don't have any coupons anymore. So we go to the checkout a third time and I order the coupons for a trip for 2 people and am amazed that we should pay 180 crowns. My question mark was quickly recognized by the cashier and he pointed to a sign with a clear explanation that you need 3 coupons for one trip. Oops !!!

I do not care. Now there is no scrimp here. I want to drive that thing and Knut too. (180 crowns = approx. 24 euros !!!)

The queue is not long and so we quickly sit in the comfortable seats of the B&M Coasters. Of course we take a seat in the back row, because it's faster in the back ...

Unfortunately, the trip is quite short for the money. But the driving behavior is a real treat. With a ride pass to the park, they wouldn't get me out of that part. In addition to the now open track, the cloud cover is still torn and we experience the park and thus also this ride in demons with the reddish glow of the setting sun. A really unforgettable experience. 

After the drive, we take a lot of photos of the beautiful park and enjoy the evening sunshine that makes the entire park shine.

All in all, the Tivoli in Kobenhagen is a beautiful park. But Denmark is an expensive place if you don't want to buy a Ridepass. We therefore recommend every visitor who wants to ride with demons to treat themselves to such a pass.

At the end we go again in the slide banan. Then it goes with the S-Bahn and the bus through the suburb of Kobenhavn. In our apartment we enjoy a nice whiskey as a nightcap and look forward to our coming visit to Park Bakken.

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